• Feudal society

During Qing dynasty the society were divide into four classes, because of this the poor were never be able to be rich and the rich were always be in the top of the society, which this resulted to cause several human complex behaviours. In the book 'Dream of the Red chamber' however questions about the wealth, as at the end the author portrays a tragical image of the high class, presenting a melancholic sensation to the viewer. This is further contrasted with the happiness and healthiness of the ordinary people. At the beginning of the chapter the author describes the charge of one of the characters from a wealthy family 'Jiamu' with possessions and power however her body is old and cannot longer walk, this is contrasted with a lower class woman in the same age of her being independent and able to walk, which this makes me want to question about the purpose of luxury. 

  • Feudal Marriage

The author further portrays the idea of unconditional love, hight social class were pair up in order to degenerate to create series of nobility, because of this in the book several characters try to find the desirable love, however this resulted to be loosing themselves which this made me to question about identity.

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