*Reflection, 1st August 2017

Creating a Framework and Tutorial with Alan 

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Today I had a tutorial with Alan on my project proposal, which was based on the lyrics of Suzanne Vega’s The Queen and The Soldier. I mentioned that I wanted an exaggerated narrative, loosely based on the lyrics and also told how it can be seen as  an exploration to different hierarchies of power and how one can affected by the other who abuses it, exploring a political interpretation to it, as well as many other interpretations such as, in a relationship between partners, employee or employer, dictatorship, etc.

I felt that I wouldn't mind a political interpretation of my work, but I did not want the first thought to be something political when it came to viewing it. With that, I was recommended a short children’s story by Judith Kerr about a tiger coming for tea. It was, looking at it generally, an entertaining story, but it had political interpretation about the rich and the poor. This could be seen as bringing an awareness to the public without it being politically blatant, which is what I am aiming for in my project.

With other terms of bringing awareness, I was also recommended on Cildo Meicles on bringing awareness to the public of the government dictatorship in his country (Brazil). Also discussed on making this project personal to me in a way, could be about same relations of the Malaysian government, and who I feel about it, give the project my own interpretation of it.

I felt that this gave me new ideas to add into, such as adding more symbolism to my imagery that evokes my own interpretation, like having the queen hold onto a scale, symbolising the Malaysian government and it’s corruption, because in my opinion, I feel that my countries Government is corrupt. 

I feel that these new inspirations have given me new ideas to work with in my theme, and I feel that it also gives more context into my work.

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