31th July

Today was the day I present the first draft of my proposal to a tutor. I showed my proposal to Georgia and she was not sure of my theme and title. She felt that my theme of “Decay” and title “Beauty from decomposition” was too familiar. We came to the agreement to change it and that I should focus on close up images of living organisms. I am very fascinated by the patterns and textures on living organisms especially when it is enlarged because it looks abstract and mysterious. So, I decided to change my theme to “Under the Microscope” and title to “Close up”.


Georgia recommended me to research Rob Kesseler, a professor who creates sculptures of close-ups of plants that have unusual forms and vibrant colours. As a viewer we just look at the images but we don’t completely understand what we are looking at. We just see patterns and cells but its hard to believe that these images are close ups. So, in order to delve in deeper to my project I need to research scientific images and buy a microscopic camera so I can see first hand the shapes and patterns.

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