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The Tiger Who Came To Tea by Judith Kerr

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The Tiger Who Came To Tea is a short children's story written and illustrated by Judith Kerr. It tells a story of a tiger that one day turns up in a house where a mother and her daughter are having tea, and is invited to stay and eat with them. But he eats not only their tea, but their supper and everything in that house and leaves once that was done.

Upon reading this, I noticed that I had antagonised the tiger because I felt that he was being greedy. However, I was also surprised at how cool-tempered the family of that house had taken it, and just bought more food for the house and a big can of Tiger Food if the tiger were to comeback again. This had given me the implication that the family of that house were very wealthy and kind towards the tiger.

Looking at the story generally, I found it easy to read and entertaining. But reading more into it, I thought that what the author had written could be a deeper meaning about the rich and the poor. The tiger could be the representation of the poor, as he had came to Sophia, the daughter, and her mother with an empty stomach, and the family being wealthy, had given him food to fill him up. Once the tiger had left and everything was finished, the family just ate out at a café for lunch and bought all their food back plus extra in case the tiger returned. I felt that the meaning behind this could be that the rich who have more than they need have the power to give some of what they have to those who need it more.

I felt that it was a very profound story and it being a children's book can give the children an awareness of this social status between the rich and poor if they are able to realise that moral behind this story.


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