24th July

Today we were introduced to our new independent project called Unit 7. I am quite nervous for this project because we are more independent and we need to plan our project and development ourselves. However, after receiving my feedback from my assessment I am feeling quite confident and I am aware of what I need to do to achieve a high mark.


In todays lesson we focused on our three themes for the next project. My first theme is decay and I will be exploring the different textures and patterns that are created due to living organisms expiring. My second chosen theme is natural forms in plants. If I were to create a final outcome I would probably create a garment that is made out of the shapes on plants. My final theme is identity through social media and how an individual creates a persona online that is completely different to their character in person. I wanted to explore the different ways us humans communicate and how it impacts the way we perceive the world. After choosing my themes I created collages that presented the themes visually with references to artists, artworks and drawings.

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