26th July 2017

Museum and Gallery Visits

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I felt that the visit to the V&A museum contributed to most of my inspiration. I felt that the displays shown there had given me the information that I was aiming for going there. I had gotten various styles of armour that knights wore during different centuries, and there the different pieces attached together.

I was also given new insight on tapestries and I found it very informative. I feel that the narratives on the tapestries, such as The Devonshire Hunting Tapestries: Bear and Boar Hunt (1430)  tells us how men and women of that time hunted for food. However, there was the discussion of imagery being slightly exaggerated in the tapestry to make it look more appealing. Such as, the cloths that the men wore in the hunt looks very wealthy, implying that the hunters are noblemen, but whether or not they had worn their best clothes to a hunt is questionable.  

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