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  • Grayson Perry: The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever!




Elise Daniels with street performers, suit by Balenciaga, Le Marais, Paris, August 1948. Photograph by Richard Avedon.  The Richard Avedon Foundation

  • Only Human


Believing the Strangest Things, Loving the Alien

Showcasing alien artefacts, Only Human provides new evidence that we're not alone! A collaboration of Austrian and British artists and researchers presents extraterrestrial sounds, images, words and objects with a programme of discursive events. In a time in which we are spoon-fed fictions, you are invited to discover the truth.

Featuring work by Joey Holder (UK), Lukas Janitsch (AT), Olesya Kleymenova (RU/AT), Elena Kristofor (AT), Paul Purgas (UK), Stephen Oram (UK) and Ernst Miesgang (AT).

The exhibition is curated by Laura Prime who took part in a curatorial residency at Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. The exhibition and residency are part of a curatorial partnership with the Royal College of Art London.

  • Rosemarie Trockel: Knitted


In choosing wool and knitting, a material and technique traditionally associated with the female domestic realm and craft, Trockel explores the negative connotations of these "inferior materials and skills".However she was doing it in an extremely bold way with i really thought was really interesting and exaggerating. By mechanically producing the knitted patterns, I think she questions whether the cliché of women’s art relates solely to the choice of materials or whether it is also influenced by the treatment of these materials





Eleesa Dadiani, founder of Dadiani Fine Art, said:

Extremely futuristic i started noticing something very sexual about his work in the way the tubes were attached together and were completely enhanced by the forms they were shaping.


These pieces challenge our pre-conceptions about what is art. Their form is beautiful even though their function has died. When something dies in its function it is immortalised in its aesthetic form. It still has appeal. 

‘It can also be seen as protest art against the disappearance of the noise which made Formula One what it once was. I believe craftsmanship must be at the heart of all great art and these pieces are examples of the finest craftsmanship”.



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