Setting 3 ideas and 50 words written work.

(Migrate)Negligible: Migration can be included into one of the most important thing to human beings for improving the life stander. When we are facing the whole new environment especially facing with completely different localism and everything is unfamiliar. People would struggle from many unexpected things-job seeking, house renting, interpersonal relationship etc. We will confronted many problems and lots of pressure just pour out.Then I try to think about the emotional thing, imaging myself walking in a crowded street alone makes me feel insignificant,negligible and feeling the existentialism.

Companionship:We all have different stages of our lives perhaps we have different approaches to reach different stages but no one could live completely hermetic through the whole life. Friends, families, lovers all included into companionship. In my point of view companionship is like lubricant to our life. Having someone as accompany is a very lucky thing.

Lithromantic: Means somebody can feel romantic attraction towards others and also enjoy being in romantic relationships but only in theory. Literally falling in love and being attracted to a person but not desiring for reciprocation. So is like sort of in a relationship but outside of it. Somehow creating a bound of relationship which is mono-directional.   

Negligible, companionship, lithromantic are quite personal and identity words, how can I link them or further develop them to make the concept more clear and what artist can I look at who also like creating something in emotional, mental direction?Also what would I want to explore in the starting point doing hand stuff, dirty my hands? Creating something sharp? Discovering meanings of various colours?

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