Ex Machina

Ex-Machina is a Sci-fi thriller movie about robots. The movie explores the gender roles and how all thoughts and decisions are influenced by “a reproductive urge, and no biogenetic impulse exists without a priori acknowledgment of attraction. For a machine to attain the status of “singularity” (the point at which the human and artificial become indistinguishable) it must have a sexual component.”


The movie slightly sexualises the robot by giving it human-like features and emotions that the machine is seen to express. From a religious point of view some viewers might question the inventors motive. It is as if the movie is trying to portray the creator of the robot as a god due to his ability to create a being.


Quote by https://www.theguardian.com/film/2015/jan/25/ex-machina-review-mark-kermode-alex-garland-vikander

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