Gumbasia, 25th July 2017

Gumbasia is a short stop-motion film, produced and directed by Art Clokey, that I came across and I thought how very entertaining it was. It is not a overly complicated film, it is basically about transforming lumps of plasticine in different shapes and sizes and sometimes in a very weird form.

Even though all the film consist is just a bunch of moving shapes, a lot of effort and patients was put into this production, because creating a stop-motion film, in 1953-55, is not an easy task. The use of plasticine was i think a good medium to use, as it is flexible and easy to mould. The music score I felt was also a good contribution to the film, it's fast-phase beat made it look like the shapes were in a way moulding to the music.

I was also amazed at how smooth each shape had formed and sometimes spliced and lengthened, and I hope to one day make an animation that is as smooth as this one. Plasticine is not a medium that I have used before and I would like to possibly explore more on this.



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