24 July Monday

  • First day of this unit, I would like to start with news. Then I come out with 4 themes by analysing what interests me the most and what characteristics news had.
  1. First one is the drama from everyday life. I am curious about why sometimes news is more drama than TV show script and how news influenced our daily life.
  2. Second one is editing. Because I quite enjoy to see different director create different outcome with the same resource. In news industry, it is the same thing. Believing which information is useful involves journalists’ own opines. That is why I think there is no one hundred percent truth / fact.
  3.  The third theme is connection / communication. This theme is focus on how information transmit. News is one of our chat topics. I should observe people and find out when / where / what do we communicate. What are the product that help or obstruct communication?
  • In this project I want to get out of my comfortable zone and try a new approach of design which is conceptual design. In order to make sure I’m in the right direction I took twice tutorial with different tutors. During these tutorials, I find out that explaining my idea to others could help me to understand more about my themes and explore new ideas as well. Right now I quite enjoy tutorial instead of worry about it.

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