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The Bayeux Tapestry

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Thinking of the narrative setting of The Queen and The Soldier being in an era where knights and battles were common, I researched about battles during the Medical Era and came across one of the most well known battles called The Battle of Hastings. The reason why this battle is so famous is because battle is said to be the first battle ever to be recorded in British history; that this battle is a fact. 

The tapestry is a 203 feet-long fabric that has illustrations/ embroidery sewn onto it, giving us a visual record of how the Battle of Hastings was fought through the Normans. It is said that there has been many different versions of the event that had arisen with three or four years of King William's accession, and this result could be the Tapestry's designer following the tale that was most acceptable to who had commissioned him.

This Tapestry, I feel, conveys a strong sense of storytelling and looking at the events recorded on fabric can be like how one reads a comic book in this modern era.


-found it a little confusing on who was english and who was normandy.  



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