Research, Re-Imagine, 23rd July 2017

Protectors in my own image.

e36d896141b2cd785ed4f6fc9fe27c6f copy.jpg Dorje Shugden copy.jpg 20354151_1603738059656880_196616520_o.jpg

In my family, a few of my relatives study the practice of Tibetan Buddhism and in this religion, there beings which are called Dharma protectors, and in my Re-Imagine theme, I had thought about illustrating these beings in my own way. My design at the moment is quite simplified because I feel that the designs that are given to the deities are sometime too over-complicated, especially the image on the left, and I find that I don't know what to focus on.

20348064_1602786623085357_1322864104_o.jpg 20317218_1602786616418691_1383243515_o.jpg 20170724163301.jpg

I would also like to incorporate textile pattern designs into my illustrations as well. Right now, the idea that I am having of incorporating the patten design to my drawings is much like the floral patterns that are making out the shape of the birds in the print on the right.



Books- The Best In International Textile Design JAPANESE STYLE Textile Design Patterns 2. Kyoto Shoin. Japan. Pg 17, 28, 99

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