13th July 2017


Based on the sketches drew by me and BimBim on Tuesday and Wednesday, we are thinking to design a light that can cover with the prints, so the paints could be projected on the wall when we switch on the LED light. And then we would also create different buckles in the 3D workshop and glue it onto the light as decoration. However, we were a bit stuck because I think that there isn't  a concept behind our design and decorative buckles would not emphasize the idea of making functional objects to become purposeless. So, we went to Georgia and talked about it.



She suggests us to stick with the idea of making functional forms non-functional and she thought we could make something that is not functioning. I think that would be a really good experiments for me but quite difficult because I would always think about how would the product work and carry out it's purpose while I am designing somethings. So, we started off drawing many sketches about different methods taking functional forms and stop them from working.  I drew varieties of objects around us in our daily life and started experimenting wrapping the patterns around different objects. Hope that me and BimBim would come up with some good ideas tomorrow about what are we going to do and start experimenting using different materials.

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