10 July 2017


We have started a new project today called co-create where I got a partner and we would make a collaborate work together. My partner is BimBim and she is going to study fashion textile print in her BA course. Before we started working on this project, we saw a piece of work from the CSM museum and an article as a starting point.


When my partner and I first saw this pair of wellington boots, we wished we could change and choose another object because we think that is quite boring and we don't the bright yellow colour of boots. However, we found quite a lot of different interesting elements from the boots after talking to one of the tutor.






We think that this pair of wellington boots are really different to the ordinary where heels are attached to it. Normally, people wear wellington boots for farm work or in a rainy day instead of a fashion and wearing a pair of wellington boots with heels would lead to inconvenient. Also, the tough and hard heels create large contrast with the soft and flexible properties of the rubber boots itself which would make it really comfortable to wear. Apart from that, we found that the buckles on top of the boots are just decoration of the boots which are not functioning as there is a hidden zip hided instead. So the buckles only work as decorative elements instead of functioning. 

Afterward, we came up with the concept of adding the functional elements that do not carry out the function and work as a decoration on the designs instead. 

In the library session, BimBim recommended me a book about print to me which Print In fashion which gave me a basic concept about we she usually do and how does she create different prints. I found it really interesting and I would want to try to create prints as well.  We then read a article about a collection of works from an artist, he collected different wastes and unwanted items and putting in a specific order. I quite like the idea of recycling different objects into a collection of work that have a story behind.  

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