30 June 2017


I started making the model for Surface and structure today. Using vacuum forming to form the two semi-sphere and drill holes through the ABS in oder to fix the metal wires in place. However, when I was trimming the unnecessary parts of the sphere away, the ABS cracked and I found it quite brittle. So, I vacuumed from another semi-sphere and trimmed it carefully and tapping it with some masking tape as protection. 


After I have fixed the wires on the surface of the semi-sphere, I found it looks quite boring with one single color, so I decided to add some copper wires before I glue two semi-spheres together.


 An image showing the shadow created by the metal wires through LED light. In order to improve the outcome, I need to find out different methods of gluing the semi-sphere together or increase the accuracy. Beside that, I need to considerate how would I insert the LED light into the sphere and where would be the switch of the LED light.

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