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Since I had a bit of a intellectual journey so far I thought that a publication or some sort of printed format would be appropriated to communicate my process. 

I thought about something called like "5 steps to stop missing the boat". I quite liked the sonorities between step and stop and it definitely feels well copywriter but then the 5 and missing the boat are a bit out of place wich shouldn't be the case really.

In terms of format, since I have annotated that the 5th step is to look back and if things didn't work out, go through the whole journey again; I thought about some sort of book could almost be bound using single rings so it could open 360 : like there is no first page or last page but the reader has to figure out at what stage he is at this point.

On another hand I thought about a pocket containing 5 booklets, one helping you for each stage.. But I am not  sure about this since they are not separated entities, they work intricately together as a process.


I don't know if I made it clear earlier but the vibes I am trying to go for is a playful but HELPFULL method that people could easily follow and stick too. A brilliant reference is Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt Oblique Strategies cards that give you a stratégique move to follow when you find yourself stuck. They are so simple and thus so effective.


Anyway, after so much thinking I needed to get some doing involved. I don't know why but I had the feeling this project could really benefit from a sort of mixed-media or collage aspect which is really unlike what I usually do. Those words just evoke to me some sort of messy composition and I know that it is completely unjustified because collage can be really neatly done..

So I just decided to illustrate different sort of boats in different mediums : each medium should be picked in relationship to what kind of boat is being illustrated. I have chosen

  • two really modern boat to be carved out of lino which can echo the plastic of their plastic hulls
  • two sailing boat printed from a fine wood that I can carve really intricatly
  • two more modest boat to be carved out of scraps of wood that I found in the wood studio in Archway
  • two ships to be metal-etched (In the end I didn't had time to do metal etching.. Since it is a technique I am not familiar as much with I was afraid about how I could fit it in.. And just decided it wasn't that essential for my body of work.)

It's always a joy to me to take time to nicely carve my illustration, it is probably my favourite part of the making process. Printing is fun, but never as intense as when I completely loose myself in carving with so much attention that no one can disturb me. I just think that once the first print has been made it is not as exciting anymore.. I did experiment with composition and it worked well, but I don't know after the first print, it is just so much easier to imagine what it is going to look like specially nowadays when everything can just be scanned and altered on Photoshop.

After scanning everything, I actually decided not to modify my print but I experimented with typography and layout. I came up with this sentence Missed not missing that I thought is really effective : they are plenty of opportunities out there ready to taken, so stop complaining about not getting any. The truth is they don't take any.

© Alice Lengereau, all rights reserved


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