On this page, you will find the link to a magazine called 'Casted' that was created in groups and pitched to a client. This magazine focuses on the up-and-coming talent from young creatives in London, including interviews with fashion designers, photographers and actors.

My role was to source talent for the front cover and main feature (this ended up being the fashion label 'Arcane London'). As well as this, I did large part of the photography that was featured in the magazine alongside the writing and interviewing for the main feature.

Although I found this task stressful at the time, I can definitely say it was one of the most rewarding tasks that I have done since being at university (I'd like to think that the final outcome was definitely worth the stress!). Below you will find a small archive of some of my favourite pictures that I shot, however did not have the space to put them in.

Please click the link to the left and tap the 'download' button once redirected to view the magazine.

© Liliana Salih-Miller, all rights reserved


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