21/04/2017 Essay Feedback

General comments and advice on how to improve your work in the future

The Unit Grade below and the indicative marks given in the Assessment Criteria above are for the whole of Unit 4, i.e., they are for the Research Presentation and the Essay combined. Refer to the previously published form for written feedback on the Research Presentation. See essay feedback below:

This is a very good essay in which you look at the ways that artists use disorientation in their practice, looking at the work of Gordon Matta-Clarke, Robert Rauschenberg and Catherine Yass. Taking the idea of disorientation is an interesting step as it still contains something of the dream world that you have initially referred to. Thinking about Matta Clarke’s architectural cut outs is very pertinent to your work in which you look for this kind of disorientation whilst working photographically. Whilst this essay is strong it is also relies heavily on descriptions of the work. You have referred to Bachelard, Freud and Krauss, which is good, and in future essays consider how you can use these voices to establish an analysis of the works you are writing about.

Moving forward the concept of disorientation is very interesting for you to consider further. I know we have talked several times about the dream you had which you are trying to represent. This essay and the last work you showed indicate that you have moved beyond trying to make specific representations of that one dream. I think in that case whilst you continue to look at these architectural works it may also be interesting to consider the idea that disorientation can be a liminal space between worlds, to think more broadly about the dream state, the Alice in wonderland perspectives you might explore through photography when you might think about scale, orientation state of mind, etc. Perhaps have a look at the work of Rut Blees Luxemborg or Jane and Louise
  • this kinds of liminal space, neither sleep nor wake up, I think the Alice in wonderland will be a very simple start point, and if I am really big or I am really small, that sort of disorientation.
  • Rut Blees Luxemborg, she work with this kind of idea about disorientation, go in the night. day time and night time, and something about uncanny.
  • Jane and Louise making the image strange.

me: now I working with the image that is no people in there public space but bring the people in other environment like people in private condition, in this public space.

  • Tate has a show called 60 years, there is a people called Goshka Macuga, she is do something like that.
  • Andreus Gurskey: working with architecture
  • it is something about inside factory, people just move around from a to b, in the underground you loose some of individuality, you just become a matter to move from one place to another. the space is about being humans anymore, about the infustrcture and transport.

sometimes I feel very hard to connect with all my thinkings, like both consider the shape, and consider the architecture, or consider the environment.

  • that picture you show for me, it can also become architecture shape. when the image is huge and shows on the wall, and you need looking up of it, perhaps the photography does become sort of architecture. and you sort of think about being something we need looking up and experience in relation to the body somehow.
  • thinking about the way you show it, in some where related with the bodily experience. made that connection because you start putting the view in the gallery in the position of people walking through the tube, and looking up at that. when you think about how you hang the work, you think about the relating to the viewers body rather think...you do see the wall as a canvas to compose the images on if you like. just start to think about that kind of position.
  • Henri Lefebvre-Production of space (book)

    how the space is produced? the different way we can experiences. 

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