Interim Crit Feedback

Our feedback we got today was positive, our peers and tutor liked the idea of the immersive pods but suggested that the laser tag type game after having been in the pods might not be successful because it requires a certain amount of people that want to play so the process and preparation for it could end up being too long - it also relies too heavily on lots of people wanting to play which in reality probably wouldn't happen. 

We talked a lot about the purpose of our pods and how we will introduce an entire experience including involving sound and vision and potentially touch and smell. Our tutor said we had a clear narrative through the exploration of a comparison between human senses and specific animal senses as well as experiencing these animals as a sequence going through the food chain. We will have to consider the location of our exhibition and the surrounding area. We discussed making these pods portable so they can be relocated if this were to work in correlation to the type of animal and their habitat.

If it were to be a more permanent exhibition we can begin to think about incorporating information from the RVC archive and provide more information regarding the structure of skulls and the placement of features such as eyes and ears. This would allow us to introduce a more educational aspect to our exhibit which could reach out to a much larger target audience. Seen as we have considered eliminating the laser tag part of our experience we will be able to target a bigger age range from young kids to adults.

Me and Alexia are going to meet tomorrow so we can finalise the idea and begin working on the designs for the exhibition. I found today really useful as it allowed us to solidify an idea and gave me confidence with the direction we are looking to take. I think after some more research it'll be easy to start considering design, location, target audience, visuals etc. in much more detail!

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