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I met with my group partner Alexia today and we discussed our individual research with each other and discussed the main idea/theme that we want to follow up on and propose in our crit tomorrow. We have decided to focus on sight as we felt that exploring too many senses wouldn't give the exhibition a clear direction and there could end up being too many conflicting elements. After some joint research into the comparison between human and different animal sight we decided on proposing an experience that encourages the audience to experience what it would be like to see as that specific animal. We wanted it to be a very personal experience so that it becomes completely immersive and personal - we think this would be the best way to heighten the intensity of the experience. We spent a while discussing this but settled on the idea of having individual rooms or pods that provide the experience of being a specific animal. This way we could, if we wanted to, introduce the other senses. 

We thought about the relationship between a predator and its prey and how we could explore this. With our pods we could have two dedicated both so each individual is able to explore either/or. They would experience becoming either the catcher or the chaser. We then thought about translating this into a game, like later-tag! This would introduce a whole other dimension to our experience and would encourage younger children and teenagers to engage with an educational but fun exhibit. We want to focus on a target audience of young children to teenagers as we think this could leave a lot of room to be very playful and fun. If we were to target adults we would have to take a more educational stance, perhaps involving these 'pod' type experiences but with a greater level of education. 

We have produced several mind maps and mood boards which will discuss with our peers and tutor tomorrow. I think it will be really interesting to talk about how the two rooms could work together and whether they would be successful or not with our proposed target audience.

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