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Today I wanted to focus on the mask bit for the female. Originally I was just going to create a horn for woman to convey the echo character in her, however I have been wanted to make a full face mask like Bjork's masks for a long time and I really wanted to incorporate embroidery with this to create something really beautiful.

So I thought about how I could bring a mask into the woman's piece. So I did a bit of research online as well as looking over the passage and doing some initial drawings and thought that I could create a full face mask that has embroidery of forest, bark, mountains etc. to show the transformation of echo into nature.

I then thought about materials I could use to create this mask - possibly using a mesh fabric or felt and cut a mouth hole so that the horn could go in the mouth as well. Then I thought about using a material I hadn't used before and thought about latex. I would like to experiment with a couple of materials to see what they would be like on the head.

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