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Today I wanted to refine my ideas more - I know what I want to do but I would like to figure out the designs and how they would work into 3D.

I looked at the designs for both the male and female piece and drew them in a couple of ways. I was thinking that making two pieces would be a bit much so I was trying to figure out a way to convey the message without making two pieces.

So I thought about just creating the piece for the female to convey the echo. I was set on making a full head piece embroidering on forest, bark and mountainous scenes onto it. I definitely also want to create a horn but possibly thought about some way of incorporating the mirror mask with the horn - possibly using a bigger surface area for the end of the horn and putting a mirror in it so that the male just sees himself - I would like to discuss this with a tutor and see what they think about this idea - I would just like to make it a possible task and a bit easier for me so I can make the final product to the best of my ability.

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