Visit in a Harris Tweed boutique in Oxford. 
Note: it was prohibited to take any pictures inside the shop but I managed to take a picture of a poster in front of it to document that I have really been there. 
I found the brand called Harris Tweed that is an age old collective of craftsmen, makers and artisans that produce tweed using age old techniques of weaving and finishing but with machinery. It is very relevant to my project the way they use industrial machinery in order to make hand crafted textiles. It sounds like a complete juxtaposition but in fact it is true. They managed to balance the tradition of making and new technologies in order to push the boundaries of what crafts means. They make quantities like big brands but using the power of craft with dialogue with modern methods - for example the cloth is still made using traditional technology but the yarns that are especially produced for this tweed are made using more modern machinery. This also makes me think of my usage of nylon - this is an industrial yarn but when reworked by hand, just like Haris Tweed does it will really reveal the tension between these two. Harris Tweed ideology is a erfect combination for my project because and the working techniques -  it is not only connecting craft and technology but also keeping both in balance and developing sustainable solutions for the future. This history and ideology of the brand is a direct link to my research and to my aims for this project- to think of tension between craft and machinery, to find relations between machines and crafts and to challenge the methods of production. 
The images I have found from their company make me think of painting the air really because the yarns that areon some of those pictures look like fringes and other show people working which reminds me of Wiktir Gorkas Posters. These workers proove to me that crafts in XXI century do exist even if they seem extincted.
I also found a newspaper called The Crafts Magazine which I want to read, because it seems very relevant.
Evaluation of this stage of the project:
What went well?
I found another brand that relates to my aims and context of my project. I have deepened my research which is relevant to the goals I got from the feedback. 
How can I move on from now?

Continue researching and start making more again. Read the magazine. Keep working outside and inside sketchbook.

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