Following my crits feedback - deeper research.
Last week my tutor suggested me to go to Science Museum, I did not have time to do that before but I decided to do it today. Seeing Turbine Hall at Science Museum - trying to understand history of industrialization and the times of luddites. 
At Turbine Hall I saw the other face of industrialization- not the one that it destroyed the previous production system but the one that build up new. It is really impressive to see those huge machines and engines (especially these as they were the beginning of all of it) and imagine them working. It reminds me of sculptures of Jean Tinguely in a way - they are big, they move and they do not look like any other object, they seem remote in their own way of functioning and therefore look like alienated sculptures. I even found some images that were showing new cloth mills - those where luddities were working, even the dates were the same. The museum visit helped me a lot to see and really experience the scale of change that occurred. The huge red engine on the photo on my research page was powering 1800 mechanical looms to make cloth. This is loads times more than when a craftsman is making a piece of textile and operating just one loom. It is like 1800 mechanical hands. It is what bonotto company has in its roots as well - the ideology of a huge factories and mass production. Moreover all those steam engines that begun the industrial revolution were powered by water heated up by coal - the air pollution caused by those incredible amounts of coal that was burned was just the beginning of more advanced yet polluting industries. Being in this Turbine Hall made me feel like I just moved back in time to fully understand what luddities were fighting against and how did it look like at the beginning. 
Evaluation of this stage of the project:
What went well? 
I have made a deeper research into the history of industrialization and found links between my previous research and and this historical context. It was a really interesting experience to see the Turbine Hall and all those machines - some of them were as old as luddities so it is quite possible that luddities have actually seen them. Especially that some of the engines were from the area of their organization. I found some information about James Watt and his machines that begun the industrial revolution, his workshop looks very similar to my grandfathers working space which is another link in all of that. This also makes me think that a new revolution is needed - a revolution of making by hand and come back to crafts but in a completely different approach - to explore the tension between hand and machine made and see how those interact with eachother.
How can I move on from now?
Continue on with realization of feedback from crits yesterday. Make sure that I did all action plan I got at my tutorials. Remember about evaluation.

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