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Today I decided to do testers of latex in class - I have never used it before so it was a day of experimentation for the facial mask I want to create for my final piece.

I also had a tutorial with Tamzyn. I told her about the things I have changed since the last time I met with her - I decided to create jewellery just for the woman - and how I wanted to create a large mouth of the horn so the male model would look into the horn and see himself. I wanted to talk to Tamzyn about this idea as I did not know what material to make the horn out of and how I would create it. She suggested creating it out of aluminium as it would automatically be reflective without adding any other materials such as sharp mirror into it which could be dangerous. In regards to the making of it she suggested that I do it in a couple of parts and connect it at the end - she said in regards to how it would hang onto the body I should create a mouth piece like on an inhaler so the model would hold it in her mouth. I like this idea but I just have to figure out how I would make the structure light enough to do this and what material I would make the mouth piece out of - possibly rubber but I will do some research over the holidays. Tamzyn's advice really helped me in figuring out how I would make the horn for the final piece. She's intrigued to fine out how my latex mask will work.

Going back to the latex mask I decided to create two testers. One I did just layers of latex on a plastic mask without using a sturdy material to see how flexible the latex would be. The other I did on a Styrofoam model head and covered the whole head to create a covered mask - This time instead of using just latex I used a mesh material to create a sturdiness to the structure so that it would not bend out of shape. This did take hours of layers as I wanted to make it as thick as possible so tomorrow I will see how they go.

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