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For the first half of the morning we had a lecture about the assessment and the exhibition. It made me think about how I would display my pieces when I am photographing them and made me think about finding a model now and not doing things last minute.

For the second half of the day I decided to go to the British museum to look at some Greek and Roman jewellery to do some material research for my piece - making sure I incorporate the ancient history into my piece.

When in the museum I came across a lot of precious metals, especially gold - but not your usual chunky gold necklaces, more like intricate gold leaf pieces that were extremely delicate. I especially liked this gold leaf crown because of how beautifully the maker places the leaves and how detailed the piece was. I would love to do a piece made out of gold and use techniques such as soldering to create joints, however I unfortunately do not have the funds to create facial piece out of gold. However this has made me think about using another metal to create the horn piece, possibly look at thin sheet metals such as aluminium or copper - definitely would like something reflective.

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