27/03/17 App Development

Over the last couple of days I've come up with a concept for my app. I haven't fully decided on a name and I need to work on a logo/branding but the concept is as follows... I want to design an app where you can volunteer to teach others your native language, in exchange for learning their language. This would be done by linking up people of different nationalities with similar interests so that they can talk on the app (in the language they want to practise) but also correct and edit each other's messages in order to learn and improve from your mistakes. There will be a way to keep record of your 'mistakes' in messages so you can look through them and revise them/ learn the spellings and grammar errors etc. In this way the app is actually constructive and not just like any other messaging app. The opportunity to talk to people of different nationalities also offers the chance to learn about different cultures and you could obviously meet for coffee etc to have conversational practise, but this would be up to the individuals. When you make a profile you state your name/ age/ gender/ the language you're willing to teach and the language you want to learn and then you could also choose the age/gender/interests of the people you want to chat to. The app will then show you people's profiles that match your preferences, but based on location, and then you can invite them to messenger if you want to. Both people have to want to talk to each other, in order for the conversation to start. The app would aim to promote integration and the celebration of different cultures in London. A lot of people in my survey said that education about other cultures is the best way to encourage integration- so this app clearly encourages education about different nationalities as well as the chance to learn a new language. I did French and Spanish ALevels and really want to keep up my knowledge of these languages but I can't afford language classes etc so this is part of my inspiration for the app. I also know from experience how hard it can be to meet people in London so this app is a solution to this problem too and I know personally I would definitely use this app. I want to design a user journey and maybe a prototype in order to get some feedback, and these are the next steps I think. I aim to have the stills done by Friday 31st. 

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