what ideas are you planning to communicate? how do you plan on doing so ? have you thought about the materials necessary ? time management and planning? how long will do you plan on spending on this? what do you hope to find out or gain through this construction? have you chosen a specific site to carry out your model ? have you thought about scale and how it could effect your end result? 

I decided to carry out a experiment investigating thresholds in public spaces, at first i was strugling to find a site location to carry out my spatial installation as i was looking at how people move or occupy public spaces. this meant carrying out initial site research prior to construction.  I found it interesting apply 1:1 scale during model making i feel it gave me a chance for occupants to experience my space. What mostly intrigued me was the fact i could manipulate a persons pathway without a phyiscal object. This made me think about how i could apply this idea in an interior space and how it would differ.  

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