Reflection on the workshop:

Is this grade what you hoped for, feared or expected?

I hoped for this grade although I want to do my best to achieve higher grade. I did not get much feedback from my group and part of the table I had to fill by myself after they gave my my guidelines. I want to go through this table later during this project again and ask other classmates and see what they ill tell me. I do not understand why some opinions were merit - just because they do not know how much does it need to be done for distinction. Despite my questions I did not got the answer.

What would you like to focus on now to try and improve your overall grade?

- more samples and development on the body

- making of the outcome

- extended bibliography - bigger amount of research

- consider details of the garment

- stitch samples to sketchbook and prevent it from falling apart

- consider layout on the pages


Do you feel that your self assesment was correct?

Yes, I was told I know what I am doing and I should carry on with that and do more of work in and outside the sketchbook but the direction and areas I need to work on are clear.


Do you feel you achieve most highly in the areas that you most enjoy?

Yes, when it comes to the techniques, samples and on the body ideas, but I also feel I should do more of that and start making the final outcome very soon, because it is really time consuming to make it. I think could palette is really sucessfull, because each colour represents other element of my project yet all colour go well together and create a constructive and understandable whole.


What do you need to do in the coming weeks to improve your project?

- continue with samples, development and draping ideas

- do more research

- start making final outcome

- evaluate more the things I make, ask more questions

- think about layout in my sketchbook and prevent it from falling apart

- consider details of the garment - how it is going to work - is the wire construction important for all shilouette or just a part of it?

- write updated action plan or bullet points for organization

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