Advisory Squatting Services

Exploring their website, this lead me to finding simple steps on how to squat 

1. Prepare: find people, tools, locations (research)

2. Get In: crowbar?, plan, creativity, bare in mind alarms and cameras (not breaking and entering if no one saw you!)

3. Good enough? access to water, electricity (look out for L.E.B. ON/OFF) 

4. Secure entries, Change locks: tools, bolts, barricades

5. Get electricity account: by phone/email/letter, customer number 

6. Do Not open: occupy at all time, have legal warnings ready printed


I also read a comic uploaded on the website. I was completely unaware that my hometown Hong Kong has held significant past for squatting in Kowloon

Walled City of Kowloon

Walled off from the colonised prestige where law didn't exist and bodies were being dragged out daily from heroin overdoes, this at the time would have been one of the most condensly pack places to live on Earth. That fact this was a functioning place of inhabitance for so many meant that they were doing what a lot of countries claimed impossible to do, to put that many people living together such a tight space.

What's really interesting is their design and how they utilised these tiny rooms to make it work for themselves; because amongst these criminals and drug addicts were also families and children who've never seen outside those walls. Being forced to resourceful and make things work with cheap materials, I find it really inspiring how they almost transform an unstable and unfortunate circumstances of their surroundings into something that works and is comfortable for them. It's also interesting to picture beautiful moments in this labryinth occurring side-by-side to the horrors of what went down there. I think this could to apply to re-locating the homeless. We can think about utilising spaces where we situate the homeless in shelters in a more pleasant and allows communal spaces. 


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