Thursday 23rd March

This morning we were working at archway, and I just finished off a couple of things to make my book more presentable and to get everything in order before we went over to Kings Cross for the afternoon. I just about managed to get all my things on the wall in time and then we all walked around everyone’s work while the representative from 1granary looked at our work. At the beginning I felt a little daunted because of the huge body of work that was around us and when faced with what everyone else has been working on it is difficult not to compare yourself to others, but on the other hand it is good to observe other styles and ways of working in order to learn from each other. There was a very wide range of subjects chosen for the project, which shows everyone else’s approaches.

Following this in small groups we talked through our work and got feedback from the others. I found this interesting but less helpful, I had thought that the crit might be a group of around 15 with a tutor as when you are put with people you don’t know very well it is difficult to give constructive criticism and I would have liked one of my tutors to have seen my work before the holidays. Though I did get some positive feedback, which is nice, and the representative from 1granary asked to speak to me which was very exciting! She asked me to talk through my work, and although I know that this doesn’t mean by any stretch that I will be one of those included in the editorial, nor do I expect to me, it is still encouraging for my project. Now I just intend to keep developing toile ideas for the next week and then decide on a final design, which seems slightly scary! 

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