Wednesday 22nd March

This morning I attended a lecture on the exhibition and the closing stages of unit 7, which I found to be helpful as it painted more clearly the picture of the last remaining weeks of our foundation. I hadn’t realised exactly how prescriptive the arrangements for the exhibition would be, down to what kind of bag to put our sketchbooks in, but I guess that with such an enormous amount of students the tutors can’t waste time trying to figure out whose work is whose. It is also disappointing that we can’t choose our models for the in-college shoot, although I understand the reasoning why as I know that some of my classmates could feasibly hire professional models or similar. I really want to photograph my garment on one of my friends as as well as having a very photogenic face she also has a very powerful presence and has done public speaking on women’s rights and is very passionate about that topic. I think instead I will do a location shoot with her and include that in my sketchbook as well as the more linear studio shoot. She has a slightly broader build than most models so I think that I will just make my garment according to her measurements and then pin the garment in onto the model. However one other thing I need to consider is that I was thinking of having sheer panels, and try and find some fabric that appears sheer on most skin tones. My friend has a beautiful black complexion, but the model for the studio may be white or another ethnicity so I need to consider this when choosing my fabrics.

Following the lecture I worked in the library all day, and began by shooting the top I made yesterday on me, so that I could get some pictures of it on the body. I then tried to do a couple of sketchbook pages on it, but it wasn’t really working and I’m not happy with the drawings I have done. I think I will redo this, but for the crit tomorrow I will just show the photos and redo the pages another time. I am trying to think of interesting ways to show drapes in my sketchbook, as I don’t want all my pages to appear the same.

I then worked on half a dozen mini A3 portfolio pages of what I have done so far to display tomorrow alongside my toile in order to illustrate what I have been doing in my project and what has been influencing me. This didn’t actually take as long as I had feared, and should be useful in the future when I do my portfolio on the project as I can see what works together, although the samples won’t be the same proportion on a larger scale. I am not sure if these are necessary or not tomorrow, I think a lot of people were a bit confused about exactly what is expected for the crit but at least I have them now.

Later on I also set out covering some buttons in calico and sewing them down one side of my toile. I think that the buttons work well, however the style of them appears a little militaristic to me, so I think I could remedy this on a future design with a placket or with false buttonholes and using suiting buttons. I think it will be nice tomorrow to finally see what everyone had been working on as so far we haven’t got much of a chance to see everyone’s work! 

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