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These are a few of the things I wrote down from the progress tutorial:

- Find different places around London as to collect primary research instead of relying on the photographs you took in Berlin

- Create large pieces of work at the places

- Encourage members of the public to join in with your work

- Make short films, but incorporate more of a narrative instead of moving stills

- Create your own stamps, veer from using the classic stamp.



These were the notes Lucy made:

Feedback on progress

- Your reflection is good where evident, but you have a lot to update

- Your research is not evident at all, please make sure you get it onto Workflow by Wednesday

- You made a good start with your large scale collages, but your activity seems to have waned since then. Your challenge for the remainder of the project will be to build up and maintain a momentum with the work you are doing.

- The film you made in Berlin is sensitively shot and has a nice pace but it almost feels like a collection of stills. Develop another film in a different location with more of a focus on a narrative.

- Your sketchbook is tiny and does not give you enough space to fully explore your ideas.


Action plan and advice

- Update your workflow site regularly with reflection and research

- Continue in a larger sketchbook - even A4 would give you more space to explore ideas, directions, materials, processes, colour, type etc. You need to begin to use your sketchbook as a space to think through what you are doing.

- Identify locations in London that you could work with in the same way as you have worked in Berlin. Explore those sites (visit them, film there, draw, take photos, record your thoughts/feelings)

- Consider what you want your existing collages to communicate. Organise into publications? Use text to direct the focus a bit (i.e. the air was heavy with history)

- Consider type - explore creating your own rubber stamps.

- You talked about orchestrating a collaborative drawing/response to a place in situ. Explore this idea in your sketchbook.

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