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Over the weekend I decided to make a short film from the various bits of footage I had recorded at Teufelsberg in Berlin. I never really experiment with film so for me this was both challenging and exciting.

I think what I find the most difficult about making a short film is the editing of clips. There are SO MANY DIFFERENT WAYS THAT YOU CAN EDIT A SHORT FILM. In the same project, I had about 8 different variants. Either:

- I couldn't decide about the cuts between shots, should they be on the beat of the song, or random?

- I couldn't decide on the music itself,

- I couldn't decide on the transition. Should it cut to black before another shot is introduced?

- I couldn't decide on the opening shot, should it be a door to imply a subtle narrative, or should it be my favourite shot?

I was very unsure. Therefore it took me a very long time to decide what was best, I had to ask friends and family what they liked more. At the end of the day though, I think you always have a gut feeling about what looks best, and I think I was just doubting myself as I'm not well versed in video editing.

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