Documentary script: Personal and biased or impersonal and factual?

MON 27 | 03 | 2017


Documentary script: Personal and biased or impersonal and factual?


When coming and sitting down to directly write the transcript to my short documentary film, I thought to myself if I wanted this short film to biased and personal to my own experience as a victim of Gentrification, or factual and objective. Overall, I knew my main aim was for the film to have an impact on the understanding of gentrification and Britain's housing crisis to my audience. The question is what would create more of an impact, to inform or to influence?

The problem encountered with solely focusing my documentary around my personal experience would be the positive or negative reaction from influencing my audience,. Due to the negative connotations I express about the process of Regeneration in London. Whereas, if I were to keep the documentary fact based and without the influence of opinion and bias, this would perhaps be more beneficial. I could recollect the individual thoughts and opinions of the topic from the audience as they would have had time to gather their own personal ideas either for or against Gentrification. 


Depending on which approach I decide to adapt the film to, there are different methods I could use to achieve various different effects. For example, from making the decision to visually include myself rather than simply just narrating the film, to 

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