Monday 20th March

Today I have been continuing the sketchbook work that I was doing yesterday, and integrating the samples. I have also been doing some design developments from these and thinking about taking the design forward. I think I still need to integrate the different strands of my thinking more, and I think that this is particularly something I could do following the crit on Thursday as I will have some other opinions on what is working and look to combining the best elements of the work I have been doing so far.

I also spoke to my tutor Alice about my work, and she gave me some positive feedback saying that she thought that my project was looking strong, which is nice to hear, and also that she didn’t think that I needed to worry too much about annotation and making every part of my concept explicit. This is different to what my other tutors told me last week, so I think I will go somewhere in between and ensure that my annotations are legible, and I think also that having my project proposal at the front of my sketchbook will help as it will set the scene for what the project is about.

My tutor further said that she really liked my samples, but that it would be good to have them bigger so that it is possible to see them on the body. I agree with this, as I think that I have recently been limited by simply making small samples, and I would like to in the next few days make a toile of part of a garment. She suggested that a good way of seeing my prints on the body would be to create them very large for example on pattern paper, and then to manipulate this into a garment shape. This reminds me of something I saw in the documentary ‘Dior and I’, where Sterling Ruby prints for garments were delivered in paper form and then loosely formed into the vague shape of the garments they would create to observe the effect.

This evening I went to buy some beads in different colours as I have been using beading quite a lot in my work and at the moment I only have clear or pale pink beads, which creates quite limited effects and have a tendency to look quite girly. So instead I bought a variety of different shapes in the colours of my colour scheme so that I could expand the texture of the beading I have been doing, and I think that they should generally be useful in the future anyway even if I don’t decide to do beading in my final piece as it is very time consuming and it is necessary to either use very large beads or to attach hundreds of them to create any kind of great effect. 

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