Sunday 19th March

This morning I went to a vintage fair, and I always find this very inspiring as you always come across completely unbelievable and amazing garments to input into the ideas in my head. I think that this is much better than just looking at fashion on the catwalks now as you don’t want to copy other people’s work, or to be the same as what is happening as the moment, as this isn’t interpreting the current world in an interesting way.

Following this I did more of my sketchbook pages looking at the padding developments I have been doing. I also have been making a couple of samples looking at padding to have alongside the photographs in my sketchbooks to have something tactile on the page. I experimented with quilting pinstripe fabric with scraps of coloured fabric sandwiched in-between, and then slicing open the pinstripe fabric to reveal the colour underneath. Through this I hope to explore the sense of inside/outside, and I think that this is something I could develop further in my work. Also on the same train of thought I made a quilted sample with sheer fabric with colour fabric underneath, to create a ghostly imprint of colour, and I really like the effect of quilting with sheer fabric so this is something I could also develop further. I could integrate this with some of the body paint textures I have been looking at or the colours. 

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