Super 8 technical Ideas

If I shoot film, i have the dilemma that everything else will be 16:9 and the Super 8 is 4:3. If I want to convert it to 16:9 then I'd have to crop a large amount of the horizontal video. This means I have to film with this in mind, shoot all my shots wider, and have 'dead space' at the top and bottom, needlessly wasting recorded image. One way I can attempt to reduce this is to include the Sprocket in the film, and as the image bleeds passed the sprocket to the edge of the film, with a kind of vignette, keep this image as a 'Lo-fi' border. I could then just include a small black vignette as featured in the video, on the other side, removing the white areas with a kind of in-between version, cropping a little off the top and bottom, and widening the frame slightly passed exposed images. 

Another thing this sample video serves as, is the possibility of image quality of super 8 film. If i were presented this without context, i would assume it was 16mm. I think this is because it is scanned frame by frame, in 4K. This might not necessarily be the effect i'm going for but it's good to know how to get the most out of the image.

Most of the high image quality is certainly down to hardware. A different higher quality lens, and a low grain film. So i think the perfect balance, is to scan in 4k and use a medium grain film, also embracing the flaws in image of my super 8 camera (the Canon 814E). 

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