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"I started to make these paintings out of a kind of mourning for the person I used to be: an enthusiastic, passionate teenager who read art books and novels and poems and biographies and watched films and TV and listened to music and dreamed. They are paintings of places that were familiar to me in my childhood and adolescence, places in which I found myself alone and thoughtful. They are places in which I forgot things. ... I paint the paintings of all the times and all the thoughts I lack the language to describe. For the one single moment that I can recall, I feel a dull sadness for the thousands I have forgotten."

(Quoted in artist’s statement, 2002.) 

 An alternative representation of a version of the Edgeland, specifically a more residential interpretation. They're like fragments of the Edgelands, ever present, and potentially more relatable, However, I always associate the subject with more vast landscapes. These are the ones present in the post-industrial Areas my films are based out of. It's more defined - The edge of a residential area, and a space of nothingness, with a solid border. 

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