20/03/17 Taiye Selasi TED Talk


This TED Talk was really inspiring and pretty much explains exactly how I feel about ethnicity. She explains her point of view extremely clearly and I think it is also very persuasive and would I think be very eye opening for many people. It really made me question since when did we start defining each other's identity based on nation? After all a country is just a land mass- a concept. Asking someone where they are from is one of the very first questions we ask when we meet someone new and Selasi questions this habit- we immediately make a judgement on someone based on there answer. Why is this?? The physical place where someone was born has no relevance at all to what type of person they are. Also, it's often much more complicated than simply birth place- people relocate all the time, people's families can be from different places etc. The conclusion to Selasi's lecture is that we should ask "Where are you a local?" And not ask "Where are you from?". I think this is a really interesting concept. It opens up the question and embraces the fact that people often feel 'at home' in more than one country. The idea of locality is very different to heritage and aknowledges the fact that while we have no choice where we 'come from' we determine where we make home and what environment we want to be in. Selasi says experience is what makes up our identity and says "you can take my passport from me but you can't take my experiences". I would definitely encourage everyone to watch this talk and I plan to use some quotations from it as I think she explains her message really eloquently and powerfully. 

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