16/03/17 Progress Tutorial

Feedback from today's tutorial has given me some new ideas for research and more motivation to push myself with experimentation. I'm going to explore the media's portrayal of multiculturalism and maybe look to find MPs opinions etc. I need to decide as well whether I'm going to portray just my opinion or that of my age group or an unbiassed balanced view etc... In terms of outcomes I need to add a title to my poster to give context and meaning to the text- which I took as direct quotations from answers to my survey. I have my three sound clips but needed some inspiration as what to do with them... In my tutorial we agreed that moving image was the best solution. I didn't want to do a direct, obvious piece where the sounds match the imagery so we talked about how I could contrast the sounds with the visuals. Whether that's a still, quiet scene, such as the environment on the tube, where all cultures and people are forced to mix but everyone sits in silence.. or a bus stop, or a park bench? I also thought about contrasting day and night scenes- the sounds were obviously recorded in the daytime, and I could film the same places but at night when there's no noise or people around. This would also highlight how really it is the people that make the atmosphere in London so unique and we should celebrate the mix of people and appreciate that it's the people that bring the culture etc. Other thoughts is to record a more in depth interview and include clips of this in the video and use a figure in the video to represent whoever I interview- perhaps only showing the feet of the person and following them through the area and through their day?. I need to story board and make a proper plan for the shooting of the film and clear up the concept. Overall my tutorial was helpful and I think I am on track with research etc. I just need to push my outcomes and maintain the pace of the start of the project. I need to keep up with doing reflection, as I have been, each day so that my opinions are in the moment and authentic. 

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