Outcome 2 Self Evaluation

I finished this map, filling all segments with people's real responses to the question "What can we do to encourage integration amongst different nationalities?" on my survey. I like the handwritten approach is more suitable than choosing a font because it is more authentic and so I think it represents the fact these are people's real answers. I had to redo the top of the map slightly, and stray from the real layout of the map in order to make space for my title. I thought about a few ways to add a title, like mounting the map and have the question written above, but I decided I didn't want a border and instead wanted to incorporate the title into the image. I wrote it larger and in caps so  that it's separate from the rest of the writing.

I'm not sure about the typed road names, as it is the only other text on the page and doesn't fit in with the handwritten element. I am torn because I want it to be clear that this is a map and the road names give context. At the same time, the question posed and the answers aren't specific to this area so maybe it isn't relevant that the map is of this area?..

I want to print the poster A2 so it is large and the words are really clear to read. I went to do this today but the print studio at uni was closed, but I think I will neaten it up before I print it large because any imperfections will be much more obvious on a big scale! 

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