06/03/17 Project in a Day

For our project in a day today I took inspiration from Paula Scher's maps as I watched the Abstract documentary on her work this weekend. On illustrator I drew up a map of the Whitechapel area where I carried out research this weekend, using a colour scheme of beige, black, pink, peach etc- which came from thinking about skin tone and how this is so often a reflection of ethnicity and identity.  I think I jumped to this colour scheme a but quickly perhaps, but this morning I was feeling the time pressure and felt I didn't have time to be too indecisive! Paula Scher uses a variety of data and stats on her maps but I didn't want to copy information she had used; I wanted to make the data relevant to my project. I looked up data from a recent census and, looking at the borough of Tower Hamlets, where my project is based looked at info on birth/death rate, ethnicity, religion etc. I actually ran out of time to add writing on top of my map, but I plan to develop this project into a poster outcome.


1. Feedback from my peers was that the numbers scrawled on top of the map aesthetically looked interesting, but they would rather know what the numbers represented to give another layer of meaning to the outcome and so it was less random/ ambiguous. 

2. I tried writing with tipex pens and paint on top of my map to see which would work best- thinking that I could draw my data on to it by hand. However the white paint wasn't opaque enough and the tipex was too uncontrollable. 


1. It was suggested that I do a key (like on a standard map) so that if I write this data on the map there is a way to interpret it. So, I made a colour coding system where there is different info in each blob on the map and the colour of the blob tells you what the numbers mean. This way if you are looking closer you can understand all the date on the map.

2. I think I will use photoshop and my graphics tablet to write onto the map because this will be neater/quicker but still maintain that handwritten feel which is important to me. 

We did a mini crit this afternoon and it was helpful to look at other people's outcomes from the day. I think it has motivated me to be more experimental and go out of my comfort zone more, rather than staying as controlled/planned as I have been today. I should also try some new media and not just digital imaging. 

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