Development of draping from yestedrday, making samples.

I used some embroidery ideas to turn the elements of print into embroidery. This is a way of making the print usefull and not abandoning those elements. The print works as a technique but I think it doesn't showcase the concept behind it that well - it is too complex in the process and the message it had gets lost somewhere in between. I took the circular shape of a nail and turned it into a thick embroidery - I put a piece of  thick wool underneath and sew it over the top. It looks good because it gives the sample more textures that look a bit like cloud or are very soft, so remind me of the idea of air and then painting it with fringes or print, however I am not sure if I will use this elements for sure. Perhaps to develop only as part of the collection of samples - I am not the best embroiderer and I do not want  to research embroidery now that muh, because I have already more other techniques (lucet, sorang or nalbinding). It requires some more consideration, perhaps later on.

Our tutors today were making a short feedback sessions with each of us, so I showed my sketchbook as well. I was told that the colour scheme is fine and I do not need to add anything, perhaps only including more light than dark colours (like navy or burgundy) to make it seem lighter. In terms of 3D work I wa told that everything is fine with it and I do not need to add more solid shapes into it. However, I think I will try to just to see how it works.

The other tutor told me that I sould do more research and I could look at workwear or aprons. The point is that I have tried already to find any interesting workwear for this project but I simply did not. From aesthetical point of view it is not a type of clothes that I am attracted to, so I will try include some elements, simply to experiment and go out from the comfort zone, but I do not want to make too much of workwear in it.

I was told I do not need any more research, but I feel like I do. Even if it is only a conceptual element to the project I think I need more of it.

I also added few more shilouettes to some pages that were lacking it.

The picture that I have taken of a small nylon knitted sample reminds me of my experimentation with wire - it is shiny, almost mist-like and somehow attracting in terms of textures. I think the image represents the idea of painting the air in a way - the sun going through the sample and somehow creating a connection with air but also machinery and production - nylon is purely indutrial yarn. It is a kind of a moodboard image for me.

Evaluation of this stage of the project:

What went well?

The development from draping is looking good, but I still need to add more solid shapes into it. Experimentation with nylon works but it is not possible to steam it - it doesn't melt but it doesn't gets back straight either. Turining some parts of print ideas into embroidery can be a good way to do more refined samples for the collection as a part of outcome.

What did not go well?

I got slightly confused - I got a feedback that is very broad. Some tutors told me not to do research, tohers told me to do that. Same with colour scheme. I think I need to pick up elements that I find most usefull and stick to them. I want to add some more solid shapes into the shilouettes and do more research, but I do not want to change to colur scheme too much. When we had a group crit there was not time for me to show my work. I think we misunderstood the tutors and spend too much time on each person and thats why I did not got much feedback apart from the fact that I was told that it all looks good and interesting. It is not really a feedback, because there is no constructive criticism or any particularly strong opinion on my work. I am not happy about it and hope to ask my friend from the course for some real feedback tomorrow. On the other hand I got so much of opinions from my tutors that are so broad that it could have been quite confusing to get even more of feedback.

How can I move on from now?

Finish the development, prepare work for show of work in progress on Thursday, continue with sketchbook and 3D work (samples or manipulations on the stand).

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