Continuation of work.

Draping - come back to the wire experimentation following my progress tutorial feedback.

I have chosen one of the experimentation with wire and samples from the beginning of this project that my tutor told me that is sucessfull and tried to recreate it on the body. I used wire to add volume and lift the fabric from the body - to make it really paint the air, to make it suspended in the air and give a cloud-like effect. I covered some part of the wire with my wool yarn that I dyed few days ago to make the wire more visible for pictures and also for me to visualize how the colour will look like. I added my sample in there too, but it is very small, so it is not very well visible. However, I consider today's experimentation much more sucessfuall than the last one, because it is more comsidered and it simply conveys the idea of painting the air better, when the pieces of garments are lifted up. I am only worreid not to make it way too up lifted, becausse it will look like a costume and not like a real garment. Some organization of the shapes and clarifying them is needed. I want to keep this volume and softness of almost cloud like affect, but not get too wild with it, it may look way too overexaggerated and surreal, which in a too big amount may destory the effect of painting the air and make the whole rahter unreadable.

My firend suggested me to use a mirroring app and mirror the pictures of draping to have a ready garment ideas - it was a really great suggestion, because it looks as if the draping was much bigger and bolder, which gives me more ideas for development.

I asked my firends from the group for feedback on the colour scheme - they told me that it is a really sucessfull one, but I need to be carefull not to put too much of dark colour into it, because it may loose the lightness.

Feedback I got from my tutor on the colour scheme was completely different - I was told it could be better if I include more of shades into it and make it more colourfull. I understand it, because with shades it may look good too. but I want to keep this feedback for later development - I have so many things to do now, that if I loose time now for coming back to the yarn and colour research my project will end up being only textile one, and this is not my aim. I need to do design development in order to move forwards - this will help me to include this feedback later on as well, because I will know how the colours are working.

I was also told by my tutor to include more solid shapes into the draping, to make it more wearable. This is actually what I was thinking of, so I am getting there. I simply need to work on that and perhaps do some more research.

Suggestion from my tutor - do not focus on the print too (I am Fashion Knitwear so I ccan have some print ideas but simply do not spend too much time on that - I understand this and agree with it. I need to take more care about the shilouette, as it is equally important) and come back to some pages and add more line ups, because it gets slightly unclear when the line ups are missing. I was told that I could perhaps include some of the draping elements I did before to make the shilouette more organized, because that draping was more closse-to-the-body. I need to think of it still, for sure I need to organize the whole shilouette and rethink it.

After the feedback session I added some line ups to the pages before but I still need to finish it. To bring more shilouettes I also did a small-stand draping with some samples I had before to include them back and make it all connected. I think this part was really needed and sucessfull, because now I have more shilouettes in my sketchbook and the sense of how am I using amples gets clearer. From this small-stand draping I learned that I need to be carefull with fringes and do not make it too tribal, it is not what my project is about. It is also the element of blocky shapes that I need to introduce, to organize the shilouette a bit more. It happens to me quite often at the beginning that the shilouette needs some re-working. I think it is very true with the blocky-shapes ideas in terms of adding more construction to the whole design.

Another suggestion I got is to use fishing wire if the steel wire is not working. I tried it out with nylon thread and it works as a yarn for a knitting machine. I did few more samples with it that I can use for my development from the draping I did today.

Embroidery workshops - it was obligatory to take part in at least one, I have chosen to participate in the embroidery one, because it was a technique I was not familiar with. The effect of it is uploaded on the picture below. I am not sure now if I am actually going to include any embroidery in my work or samples, but since it is also one that includes a lot of hand work and is considered as one of the crafts-techniques I could do some parts as embroidery.

Evaluation of this stage of the project:

What went well?

I have some ideas how to approach the prit in a slightly different way with nylon thread and how to change the wire into something more unbreakable, not like the wire. The only problem with this is that it rolls even more than a usual knit, so I have to find a way to straighten it. I will try steaming it, but I am afraid it might melt. I did new draping and it looks much better than the last one, because it allows me to go away from the very close-to-the-body shilouette and develop more unconventional ideas. I need to remember not to go too wild with the volume and make it wearable after all.

How can I move on from now?

Add more line-ups into pages before. Use samples I did to develop ideas I have. Make more samples, perhaps few that are more detailed and refined and leave them just as a collection. I want to make the collection of sampless for this project really refined - otherwise I won't show it at the end.

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