Development of print-painting ideas. From those two chosen areas I have extracted elements I like that would remind me of machinery and did collages with it. I also found some elements that link those drawings back to the collages I did at the beginning-circular shapes - they are a visual references of bolts in the machinery and machine details, so I focused on them quite a lot. I kept referencing to old scrap metal elements and memories of my grandfathers resale shop to include all of that into my print-painting ideas, because that is a way for building continuity in the project. 
Experimenting with print-painting. The photos of the process are uploaded below so I won't describe everything, but just most important elements from that. 
I realized that the print-painting idea looks completely different from the collages I did. Of course I knew it will change but I did not know it would be this much. This is not how I thought it would look like, so probably I will leave this technique only in samples, as it would require further mastering and I do not really have time for that  now. Nevertheless I kept on painting and unraveling, because that is only print technique I can do at home and only one that I know that is so close to painting- this is important because originally bonotto said to paint the air, so keeping it in as close relation as possible would be a good fulfillment of the quote and give the print a metaphorical meaning. The reason why I wanted to find out more particular ideas for it is that I didn't want to make it random and I wanted to interweave elements of machinery to the process of it. However, the effect after knitting looks exactly like the experimentation I did just with stripes so I think it doesn't matter what is the subject-it simply looks like that which is slightly disappointing, because I hoped to have a different effect. 
For this print-painting idea I limited my color scheme to just shades of blue and pink that would fit the shades of yarns. I did it because I wanted to keep the print as an element of sample not a major point in design, to create a mist or almost like a rust on knitting (if referring to the scrap metal pieces).
Evaluation of this stage of the project:
What went well?
I have defined how to approach this print-painting idea and experimented with the way it looks like. I can now carry on with this in next samples. I have some more ideas on how to include fringes into my design when looking at Correllcorrell - the structures of their knits remind me of nalbinding and make me think that I sould keep going in this very fluffy direction to show the cloud - like effect of those structures and elements of fringing in it. Of course I am not going to copy what they did but they idea of making very thick fringes is what I like about it. It's much bolder than usual fringes and makes a bigger statement. 
What did not go well?
The effect of painting it's not very aesthetically pleasing, it looks more like smudges than painting to me. I think it's not that important to make it very clear because I am unraveling it anyways. I will ask my tutor for feedback tomorrow. I also need to speed up with making samples to have 30 before Easter. 
How can I move on from now? 

Make more samples, do draping once again and come back to the experimentation with wire. Ask for feedback.

Fourth Week of Unit 7 - Evaluation of this stage of the project:

What went well?

I have done a big yarn and colour research and I have figured out what my colour scheme is. I got a lot of help during my progress tutorial, so I know that I have cracked on with most important elements of the project - concept, way of going, techniques, colours so now I need to develop that all into a garment. I have enough samples to develop my collection. I am in my action plan, so the time management is working.

What did not went well?

I need to do the draping again, but on a bigger scale. The last one was not working really well, now I have enough textile samples and ideas how to go back - my tutor suggested me to come back to the experimentation with wire, so this is what I am going to do. I think it will be a good way to add some woulme to the garment, because so far it has been more close-to-the body, which is good in a way, because it is more wearable, but I do not feel that those shilouettes I have so far really represent my style and I feel like I can do them better. Further experimentation with that is needed.

How can I move on from now?

Do more samples, accoridng to the feedback, so that I can get as much help before Easter as possbile. Develop more designs for garments. Keep asking for feedback - especially about the print and colur scheme so far. I am happy about it, because the colours represent my ideas, but I want to know what others think about it and my tutors too.

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