20 Mar 17

Following the idea that I had with the pyramid, I used foam board to re-create a chair. I wanted to expand my skill but incorporating various shapes into this model which is why I chose a chair to replicate. I made a quick and simplified sketch of the chair so I can understand the structure better whilst also adding the rough measurements.

I know that the seat and back curves for comfort but it did not occur to me that it does. So I decided to not include it and make it flat. I was afraid whether this would affect the appearance but it is not something that is highly noticeable when looking in the actual chair. Behind the back, at the waist area, is jagged. Should it be included? Like I said earlier, the curves was not notable so would the jagged be? This also applies to the neck area. The neck is important as it acts as a support to the model but the jagged shape probably isn't.

What I found the hardest making this was probably the stand in between the seat and the legs


I couldn't create it using foam board because its circular and making it square shaped is not suitable (appearance wise). Hence, I used card but using one layer was not strong enough so I had to use 3 layers. I glued 3 paper together and curved it once it dried. However, it did not occur to me that the outside layer needed to be longer than the inside so that it is able to circulate fully but I manage to attach the two ends together using a combination of double sided tape and glue. Again, I made a mistake of not attaching the tape right at the edge which caused a bump in the middle. Nevertheless, this could be fixed using photoshop. The stand was finally strong enough to hold the structure but I was concern as to how to attach the square shaped legs to the circular stand. 

For the wheels, I had no other choice but to use card. I was worried whether this would be strong enough because the stand in the middle doesn't help support it. The stand stops right before where the legs are which meant that the wheels are holding the entire structure. If this does not work, I will use a thick layer of foam board and place it inside the stand, long enough for it to support from the ground. Then I can remove it using photoshop. 

I applied glue wherever there is contact including around the edges to fully secure the place. Once everything was carefully attached, I waited for the glue to dry overnight and it managed to attach quite strong. However, it is still quite weak as the support is from the card. When making the seat and back, I freely cut it using a blade.

What I learn from using foam board was that I had to take my time while cutting it. Because the material is not entirely flat, I shouldn't rush it as it causes the board to dent, especially at the edges. Moreover, I needed to be more careful while working with PVA glue because it causes my hand to be dirty which affects the white foam board. I made a mistake of not cutting a hole at the structure so that I can insert the lever in but this could be one of those removed elements that makes the audience feel uncomfortable (see doorknob removal). 

(BREAKTHROUGH) As I brought the chair on my way home, I took the tube and I saw the empty seats in front of me. At that moment I just thought of putting my model in front of it and see what I can develop from it. This reminded me of one of my earlier idea which is to incorporate models in a real location, making it look natural and real. 


Thoughts : I have been working with only white coloured materials. Would including colours affect my pieces? Would it give a different feeling? 

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