18 Mar 17

 What I have learned from yesterday was that to make something look realistic while using paper materials, I would need to imitate a figure that is not ruin because paper gives the object look 'brand new' and too 'neat'. Moving on, since I have been focusing on things that a lot of people are familiar with, like the pyramid and the white house, I wanted to focus on objects because I find it the easier to replicate, especially when it is physically with me. This will also increase my choices on what to create. When the object is in front of me, I am able to observe it in any angle and understand the structure better.

Before developing on yesterday's work, I wanted to experiment on card first. The works I have made so far were very angular, so using card will help achieve circular figures. I looked around my room and spot any items that were circular. There were quite a few options like the fan, lamp, bottles etc but carefully observing the features in each object, I realised some parts may be quite tough to create.

The fan's cover is fixed shape in which where it is made of thin rods around it. I could use strings to replicate this but the shape curves like a protector so I would need to use something that is strong but also light. Maybe using wire rods as it's light and strong enough to hold its shape but combining it with the frame would be hard because the circular frame will need to be made out of card. There is a lot of things to consider and once it gets complicating and messy, that's when it's not possible to make using paper materials.

 I manage to find a clear cased container and made it out of paper. I took the measurements and created it to its exact size. 


This was very unsuccessful due to the fact that it is hard to create a perfect circle using a weak material. I trimmed the top cover using both scissors and blade because I wanted to see which works best. The blade was definitely much smoother to use but I had more control when using the scissors. Creating the border was simple but attaching it in an angle was tough because the paper was thin which means that I had to hold it. However, I could not tell whether if I was holding it in the right angle. If this wasn't circular, I could have use my right angle ruler and leaned the paper against it. I used PVA glue to connect it but because I had to hold the cover, I did not have enough hands to clean the excess glue that was spilling out. So it made it look messy. This goes the same to creating the container. Also, I did not like how the remainder of the paper was sticking out but this could easily be fixed by placing the double sided tape at the very edge. Overall, I will avoid creating circular objects. 

Thoughts : Maybe I should try making curve figures using a strong material? like foam board or mount board.

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