Friday 17th March

This morning I finished the page on the deconstructed padding, and added in an image showing the area of the suit the padding came from to clarify the reason for putting it in my book! I also embroidered over the top of it, which took a while. I then went back to the pages I had done on the pair of trousers I had converted into a jacket- one thing I also need to do is draw a diagram to illustrate that it comes from a pair of trousers and I must remember to do that. I finally got round to doing the design developments I had been avoiding doing, and I tried to do it in a much more natural way without overthinking it all the time, which I think worked to an extent and I found it to be an easier way of doing things. By setting a time limit of 10 minutes per design, although this is still a long time by some people’s times, is a good length so I can still think about them but not spent an overly long amount of time on them.

So far I haven’t done any series of drawings developing the same design, but perhaps this is something I could do when I have picked my favourite few designs and are compiling them to come up with my final design.

Tomorrow I aim to go back into my first samples and to do design developments for them in order to tie all the different parts of my project together. I also need to do this for the samples I have later on in my sketchbook, but I aim to do this after I have done all of my padding pages and to pick my favourite few silhouettes and to cut out a shape and place the prints underneath them as a simple way of showing the print’s transition onto my garment shapes.

I have also been thinking about how to put across my project’s concept more clearly, and perhaps on the first page before my first double page I could have the title and them make a subtitle so that the reader can see my sketchbook from that point of view from the offset, and also make sure that my annotations are clearer on the page. 

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